Business Logo redesign Ideas

Logo redesign ideas can be difficult to come by: You know you need an image makeover to attract new customers, but how do you accomplish it without alienating your existing customer base? The following business logo redesign ideas will help you craft the perfect logo design without sacrificing the company you’ve worked so hard to build and maintain. Identify what is missing or irrelevant The first step toward determining the best logo redesign idea is to identify what is wrong with your existing logo. Are there elements, ideas or symbols associated with your business that are missing from your logo? Or, does your logo contain irrelevant symbolism, imagery or an overdone design? Whatever it is – and it could very likely be a combination of several of these – write down what is missing or irrelevant and jot down ideas for how to fix each in your logo redesign. Simplify In many cases logos are overdone, or designed to death; often making them difficult to reproduce on printed marketing materials, including business cards, letterhead.¬†This is especially true for do-it-yourself startups that have achieved success and are ready for a more professional look. The key to a great logo redesign that brands your company and lingers long in customer memory is simplicity – only include what you need. If your logo has six colors, trim it down to one or two. If your logo symbol is a detailed illustration, reduce it to a simple shape with a color fill. If your logo font is hard to read, use a recognized font and add flair with a strike-through or a simple slant. All you have to do is look at some of the most popular brands on the planet to understand simplicity in logo design – Nike, Amazon, Apple – all of these incorporate very simple logos. You should, too. Take it in steps Some companies completely redefine their image in one fell swoop, but by doing so you risk alienating current customers. If you already have a strong customer base and you want to maintain it while still being able to attract new customers with your new look, you have two options: incorporate part of your old logo in your logo redesign, or make the transition to a completely new look in steps. For example, let’s say your current logo is a beach ball filled with five or six colors alongside your company name in Comic Sans font. You know you need to get a better font and that the beach ball should only be a few colors – and you’d like to weed the beach ball out to begin with. You could do a first round where you reduce the beach ball to one color and change your font. Your image will be enhanced yet your existing customers will still recognize you. Then, a year or so later you can eliminate or replace the beach ball and retain your font, thereby completing your transition without alienating any existing customers. Seek customer insight It’s always a good idea to start with several logo redesign concepts and then bounce your ideas off of both existing customers and non-customers in your target audience to get insight into which works best. Doing so will help you focus on the best concept and can ultimately increase future profits because you’ll have a logo that is relevant and meaningful to your customer base.

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