When it comes to making a choice between mobile application development and responsive website design, a dilemma always prevails. Both the options optimize your websites and make them compatible for smaller screens. There would be ideally faster loading and simpler navigation. Because of many genuine reasons, most of the times, it’s the responsive mobile website design that wins the battle by being preferred.

Responsive websites have become mandatory owing to the rapidly increasing number of hand-held device users. Also, as per reliable sources, the coming years will witness a radical shift of users from desktops to such mobile devices. Besides this ever-growing user base, other reasons are also there that makes seeking the help of a professional JQuery development company for responsive website development compulsory.

jQuery’s framework is one of the greatest ways for creating mobile-compatible website designs. It can be used to more efficiently augment the JavaScript. JQuery helps in simplifying the development actions and thus support the process of web development with ease and pace. Using jQuery, even the already existing web pages can be converted to mobile-friendly websites and applications. Adding buttons, dialog boxes, tool bars and list views are easier with this. Bootstrap on the other hand is a sleek, powerful and intuitive framework that looks and performs great via responsive CSS in all handheld devices.


Combining the technologies of jQuery and Bootstrap design and development, great solutions can be obtained. The cumulative strength and flexibility offered by the collective use of these two enables more efficient execution of projects. These days almost all businesses that are serious about exploring the vast range of possibilities offered by web have launched responsive mobile web designs. A result driving responsive website should load quickly and all needed information should be accessed at the earliest. So, different elements of design must be arranged accordingly. The navigation must be simple and in a nutshell, the overall design should be aesthetically as well as functionally exceptional.

As you know, every day sees the arrival of new handheld devices to the market. You will be losing a king part of your prospects if you ignore the noise and confine to target only desktop users. So, it’s always advisable to step up to the next level and hire a professional responsive mobile website development company for your service.

We use all latest techniques and create responsive designs that guarantee compatibility with multiple browsers and platforms. Reach us and we will discuss further.

Benefits of Mobile Websites

  • Enhanced promotions through social networks: Mobile users tend to be more social, and they talk about products and services they find useful.
  • Additional reach among target audience through mobile SEO: If your mobile site features responsive design, then you are likely to receive plenty of benefits from the SEO you have done for your desktop site. You can also gain benefits from mobile-friendly optimization techniques, such as using short-tail keywords, and including support for local searches. In fact, more than 70% of local searches come through mobile devices, making the second option quite indispensable.
  • More conversions than what desktop websites can achieve: 75% of customers wish to spend more in an online store that is optimized for mobile. So, the more well-optimized your mobile site is, the greater would be your chance of earning extra revenue.
  • Universal compatibility among all types of devices: Mobile sites can be accessed from smartphones, tablets, and any kind of mobile device. So, all you need to do is develop a single mobile site, and be assured that anyone trying to browse your website from a mobile device will be able to do so.