Search engine optimization is an ongoing process and is the foundation of a long-term search engine marketing strategy. Successful SEO combines website quality, unique content and popularity. An experienced search engine optimization company should contribute to the natural evolution of a well engineered website. High performance SEO services blend the technical aspect on-page SEO and the popularity aspect off-page SEO in a balanced and natural manner. Approximately 90% depending on the country of Internet traffic is referred by the top 3 search engines, namely Google, Yahoo & Bing. The top 10 listings or first page of results receive about 75% of those visitors, declining to less than 5% from 30 – 40 or page three. As an SEO company, EVER can help: Increase online presence, Increase traffic, Increase the quality of visitors, Convert visitors to customers.

Growing a business online involves three basic steps - creating content, advertising online and analyzing the results. Effective internet search marketing is an ongoing process. As you get more statistics on what works, you adjust your approach to get the maximum ROI for your efforts. In restudying online search engine marketing services, we looked for companies that provide the whole range of services while helping to put the business owner more in control of the marketing. has been leader in SEO for more than 6 years, with office in hyderabad based. We believe in providing high quality SEO services that deliver real results for our clients.

What is SEO? SEO is search engine optimisation, the process of making your website more relevant in the eyes of the search engines algorithms to your target keywords. This moves you up the search engine rankings and into the view of prospective customers. We can target the all major search engines to capture the full range of your target market

Our SEO services:

  • Web design: building website architecture based on the principles of SEO as a foundation.
  • SEO copywriting: creating unique, goal orientate website copy, which guides visitors to action.
  • Link Building - Virtual PR: focusing on both the number of inbound links from high quality sources and subtle variations of key phrases for anchor text.
  • Business directory and search engine submissions: promote visibility of content across the Internet and ensure that all the major search engines index the website.
  • Online marketing video strategies: used to harness the anticipated growth of online video content.
  • Article writing: quality articles are syndicated in order to increase business credibility and also plays an important part in link strategy.
  • Social media profile strategy: social media has eclipsed search engines with next to real-time indexing. Networking though social media sites have become essential to developing.